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6th Annual Gorge Rd Artisan Market!

It's that time of year again, Holiday time! Time to gather together with friends and family who have come from near and far to celebrate and to give thanks. Holiday time is also the time that Laurel O'Brien, a talented Ithaca jeweler (also my dear and wonderful, friend!) and I hold our annual craft fair at my parents farmhouse located just outside of Trumansburg, NY.

This year we are lucky enough to be joined by Esther Yolaz, a screenprint textile artist, and Sarah Gowtowka, a pressed flower print maker. We're holding the sale on Sunday, November 29th from 9am -4:00pm at 3406 Gorge Rd, Trumansburg, NY. We'd be absolutely delighted if you came to join us! We always have refreshments, some live music, and loads of wonderful friends, so come on out and find the perfect gift for your lovies. Your support and patronage makes local art possible. THANK YOU!!

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