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3rd Annual Western New York Pottery Festival

I'm very excited to be a part of the 3rd annual Western New York Pottery Festival, held this year on June 7 and 8. It's a funny story how I came to be involved in this event....When I lived in North Carolina, there was a little community college nearby with a very active pot shop. They held demonstrations and hosted guest artists several times a year. I went to one demonstration where a young woman was throwing all kinds of wild and wonderful pots. At a break, I introduced myself only to learn that she, like me, was originally from Upstate NY and had spent several years in western NC working in a pottery shop. Small world! She told me that she had recently moved back to New York and was working hard to pull together a Western New York Pottery Festival reminiscent of the Western North Carolina Pottery Festival held in Dillsboro, NC each year. I told her that I too was planning on moving back to NY and that I would love to be involved in her festival. And that's the story of how I met Alysha Baier, festival organizer extraordinaire! Last year, I was the featured emerging artist at the festival, this year, I'm an official vendor! Hope to see you at this great event. Tons of fun - great pots, demonstrations, music, food....why wouldn't you come?!

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