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Return to North Carolina!

In just a few short days I will be returning to North Carolina to work at Yellow Branch Pottery once again. My stay in the mountains will be relatively brief, only two short months. I will need to return to New York in the early spring to begin bulding up my inventory as I'm hoping to participate in many more craft shows this year.

In NC, I will be taking up my old post right where I left off in 2012. I will make pottery for Karen Mickler, the owner of Yellow Branch, as well as working on some custom orders. The summer and Fall months are usually wonderfully busy in NC and Karen is always low on inventory by the end of the season. The arrangement is a perfect one for both of us because it helps her get ready for next summer, it helps me stay busy during a slow time of year and it allows both of us to enjoy one anothers company once again!! I'm also pretty excited to say an early farewell to the snow...

Adios NY, see you in the Spring!

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